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Need Help with Test class for Trigger

// The Purpose of this Trigger is to get the Count of Total Number of Childern the parent account has.

trigger countChildAccount on Account (after Insert, after Update, before delete) { Set<id> ids= new Set<id>(); List<Account> acclist = new List<Account>(); Integer count = 0; if(Trigger.isInsert || Trigger.isUpdate){ for(Account acc: Trigger.new){ if(acc.Ultimate_Parent_Client__c!=null) ids.add(acc.Ultimate_Parent_Client__c); acclist.add(acc); } } if(Trigger.isDelete){ for(Account acc: Trigger.old){ if(acc.Ultimate_Parent_Client__c!=null) ids.add(acc.Ultimate_Parent_Client__c); acclist.add(acc); } } if(ids.size()>0){ List<Account> accchild = new List<Account>([select id,Ultimate_Parent_Client__c from Account where Ultimate_Parent_Client__c IN: ids]); List<Account> accparent = new List<Account>([select id,No_of_Child_Accounts__c from Account where id IN: ids]); for(Account ac: accparent){ count =0; for(Account acchild: accchild){ if(acchild.Ultimate_Parent_Client__c == ac.id) count++; } ac.No_of_Child_Accounts__c = count; } try{ upsert accparent; }catch(DMLException ex){ System.debug('Exception is '+ex); } } }


private class TestCountChildAccount {

    static testMethod void AccountSumTest() {
        Account tstAcct = new Account ( Name = 'Test932',
                                       BillingCity ='ultAccforDSAutomationTestCity',
                                               BillingCountry ='ultAccforDSAutomationCountry',
                                               BillingStreet ='ultAccforDSAutomationSt',
                                               BillingPostalCode ='536768',
                                               phone = '010101',
                                               Ultimate_Parent__c = True
        insert tstAcct;

         Account tstAcct1 = new Account ( Name = 'Test932',
                                       BillingCity ='ultAccforDSAutomati1onTestCity',
                                               BillingCountry ='ultAccfo1rDSAutomationCountry',
                                               BillingStreet ='ultAccforD1SAutomationSt',
                                               BillingPostalCode ='5367618',
                                               phone = '0101101',
                                               Ultimate_Parent_Client__c = tstAcct.id
       Insert tstAcct;

        tstAcct.fax = '2344';
        update tstAcct;
        delete tstAcct;
        undelete tstAcct;




HI , I have a Trigger which counts the total number of child accounts the parent account has , I am having difficulty in getting test coverage , any help on this one Plz




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You are not inserting tstAcct1 record that you've created after tstAcct and You need to query to get the updated value.


See the changes below

private class TestCountChildAccount {

    static testMethod void AccountSumTest() {
        Account tstAcct = new Account ( Name = 'Test932',
                                       BillingCity ='ultAccforDSAutomationTestCity',
                                               BillingCountry ='ultAccforDSAutomationCountry',
                                               BillingStreet ='ultAccforDSAutomationSt',
                                               BillingPostalCode ='536768',
                                               phone = '010101',
                                               Ultimate_Parent__c = True
        insert tstAcct;

         Account tstAcct1 = new Account ( Name = 'Test932',
                                       BillingCity ='ultAccforDSAutomati1onTestCity',
                                               BillingCountry ='ultAccfo1rDSAutomationCountry',
                                               BillingStreet ='ultAccforD1SAutomationSt',
                                               BillingPostalCode ='5367618',
                                               phone = '0101101',
                                               Ultimate_Parent_Client__c = tstAcct.id
       Insert tstAcct1;
       Account acc = [Select No_Of_Child_Accounts__c from Account where id = :tstAcct.id];
       tstAcct1.fax = '2344';
       update tstAcct1;
       delete tstAcct1;
       Account a = [Select No_Of_Child_Accounts__c from Acccount where id = :tstAcct.id];
System.AssertEqualts('0', a.No_Of_Child_Accounts__c); undelete tstAcct1; } }