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Sync problem with Offline Edition 2.0 - No element found at bit index-1

we're currently performing a mass deployment of sales force offline Edition 2.0 (release 200.0/3.0.41) and  on some laptops, the first synchronization fails and the users are getting this error message :
"No element found at bit index-1"
Then it is impossible to connect or to synchronize again the offline edition.
Did you experience such a problem and do you have a tip to solve this problem ?

Two things to try:

1. Verify connectivity:

Enter the following url into a browser on the affected machine and if it works correct you'll get an error message saying "405 GET not supported".


If you get any other error message - you have a connectivity problem.

2. Install latest version:

If step #1 passes then please download the latest build from the Salesforce.com website - build 46 which addresses this issue.