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Override the Edit button with visualforce page

Hi, I want to override EDIT button on the Detail Page of a Custom Object.I want to display the edit page with out header. The only option I feel is using Visual Force(Correct me if im wrong), but not sure how to redirect to the edit page using visual force pages and How to redirect to a url with out any action(i.e with out using any buttons and links) being performed If any have any code snippets will be really of great help. Im trying to hide Header of a visual force page setting showHeader="false" but this hides both header and sidebar.Is there any way where we can hide only header and not the sidebar. Any pointers will be of great help. Thanks in advance.
You cannot currently have a page that does not have the header, but has the sidebar.

If you want to override the edit page you need to use the functionality under the "Buttons and Links" section under Setup -> Customize -> [Your object you want to override]
I think that Buttons and Links section is different from you saying that you don't want to use buttons or links :)
Jon Mountjoy_Jon Mountjoy_
I wonder if you can opt *not* to hide the headers, but rather make sure you include your own stylesheet which hides it instead?
ie. have your visualforce page include a style sheet with the appropriate magic to hide the header.