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Is there a "setup" tabStyle?

I am faced with the odd situation that I am creating a page where setup="true" which is using the standardController of one of my custom objects, whose tabStyle happens to be greenish.  I am rendering the detail page followed by some of my own custom page blocks.  Because setup="true" at the apex:page level, the detail portion of the page shows up as gray like a setup page (which is good and what I intend).  However, the pageBlocks are picking up their color from the tabStyle of the custom object, so I end up with a gray detail page and 2 greenish related lists.

Is there a tabStyle that I can give these pageBlock elements that will tell them to render themselves in setup-gray instead of custom-object-greenish?  Thanks.
Right now you have to specify a valid entity name (Account, Contact, customObject__c) to get a tabStyle to work.

I don't really approve of this workaround because you know, we can change these at any time and it's definitely a hack, but you could use an entity under setup that has the same motif as Setup, like Static Resource.

<apex:page standardController="Account" setup="true">
  <apex:pageBlock title="hello" tabStyle="StaticResource">

 Like I said, ugly, and I debated whether I should post it or not :)  Would much rather see you log an idea for support as "Setup" as a motif, but this would work in the meantime.

Fair enough, although an argument can be made that this is a bug, not a feature -- if I set the page to be setup="true" then the tabStyles of all the related items in the page should fall in line.
True, since sectionHeader adheres to this pageBlock should as well.  I'll log a bug.

hi. ...I am trying to customize icon of custom object tab from eclipse, as

but, it doesn't allow to me customize icon using <icon> tag in tab file and even <motif> i can apply the image file which i have stored in My Personal Document from Documents tab..

Is there any way to customize icon of tab from eclipse??