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Synchronizing Salesforce with Outlook through a terminal server

My company requires that I use Remote Desktop Connection to access my Outlook.  I need help in figuring out how to get my emails (sent and received) into Salesforce, without having to cut and paste them.  I cannot use Outlook Connect, since our IT folks do not want to take a chance on installing it on our exchange server. 


Is there a work around or app that I can use to copy my correspondence into Salesforce?  The cutting and pasting is not efficient and very time consuming.  We have called Salesforce and cannot seem to get any help.  I cannot belive that I am the only one who's company has this issue.




We have received a similar request from our client, working on the solution approach. If you are interested to learn please drop an email.





Are you using something like Citrix for your connection? We've had success installing the outlook connector on the Citrix servers and controlling access via AD and it is working fine.


If Citrix is an option let me know and I can get our network admin to write up the steps she went through.


I need some help in configuring the outlook connector to work within a citrix environment if you have these steps to hand it would be a huge help.


Let me know if you still have these steps.






I would love to learn the steps to accomplish that.  We have a Citrix environment but I only want a handful of users to have access to Salesforce integration within Outlook.   The AD option sounds interesting. I followed instructions in a different thread (link below) that modified the registry to hide SFDC but was either broken or not applicable to my environment as I could not find the Terminal Server key mentioned in that (old) thread.




Thanks in advance,




Reading this thread... did you get Outlook plug-in to work in Citrix environment?




Setting up Salesforce for Outlook  - Citirx for a client.

Salesforce for Outlook version 2.0.5
Server 2008r2 x64
Outlook 2010 x32

I have edited the .msi file as in @mikemcintyre instructions

I have yet to attempt the implementation due to scheduling availability with our client.  Has anyone done this.  Is there anything else that I need to look for or be aware of when using Salesforce for Outlook with Citrix.  Will it make a difference if the side panel (beta) is active or inactive?  Is it necessary to change the DEP / UAC settings prior to testing?  Can anyone give me the steps to accomplish this.!!!


Feed back is greatly appreciated.  Thanks.