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Mail Merge + Custom Objects

Hi there!


1) I´m wondering if there is a good guide or tutorial about Mail Merge and Custom Objects.


2) What about the "MS Office Add-in" or "MS Word Add-In ", I've read some posts about it but I can't find anywhere. How do I get it?.


3) I want to create custom Word documents that pull data from custom objects fields, using Salesforce's Mail Merge functionality. Does anyone have a working example to share?


Any succesful implementation outhere??


Greetings.... and happy new year!!!



Hi aabrego,


In order for you to mail merge a custom objective you have to....

1. have activites enabled so the custom object appears as a mail merge option in your word doc.

2. Your custom object's relationship to other objects is going to be important here.


Mail merge doesn't work on a one to many framework. It has to be a one to one relationship. So your custom object will have to have a one to one relationship in order for the object to be pulled into your doc. If your custom object has a one to many relationship, you'll have to do your mail merge from the custom object. Unfortunately, I don't know how to do that.


hope that helps.


Hi aabrego/Roma89,


I have a similar requirement. I don't think it's possible within SFDC at the moment. I've raised a similar question with a number of my suggested workarounds, but none are ideal. I think the fact that there are apps on the AppExchange which probably fit the requirements of 90% of users means there's a limited community looking for this functionality out of the box in SFDC.


My question:



I've seen this suggested as an idea but it doesn't seem to have much support:


Elise WestElise West
Vote for this idea as well! I know many people who would like this functionality.