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How to report Force.com IDE bug?



I need to report a bug that i noticed for the latest Winter 12 release of the Force.com IDE. But i don't know how, or rather i don't know who to report the bug to.




I noticed that for my new projects created with the Winter 12 release of the Force.com IDE, i am not able to add metadata components such as Email and specific fields for objects, to my force.com project. I need to add these metadata components so that i can deploy them from the Sandbox to Production.


In my other projects created prior to the Winter 12 update, i am able to add/remove those metadata components just fine.


Please direct if you will to where i can report this bug.


Thank you.


Please log a case with salesforce..

In case to log a case with salesforce follow these steps-

1-Login to login.salesforce.com

2-Click on the help link near to setup.It will take you on the new help page.

3-Click on the contact support button to log  a case.