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Dynamic Rendering of Visualforce TAGS!!



Here is what i need in brief...


I have a VF Page where the User chooses the different fields of an Object.


Now, in the next page, I want these fields as <apex:inputField > dynamically rendered on the page.


Is this possible?



Let me explain below how it works for HTML Tags.



For example, in my controller, if I construct a String dynamicstr = '<input type="text" value="TEST" size="20" />',


and render is on my VF Page like: <apex: outputText value="{!dynamicstr}" escape="false" />


I am able to see an input Text field on the page with value 'TEST'.


But the same doesn't work for VF tags like "<apex:inputField>".



Can anyone help me out on this?








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I don't think this is possible.  When you dynamically render HTML, this is something that the browser can understand.  Apex components are expanded up server-side to produce the page.  Therefore, you would need some sort of two-pass system, where after the page is expanded up, the processing that expands Apex components runs again, and produces the appropriate HTML for your dynamically generated tags.

Richie DRichie D



You could possibly do something like this in Javascript by setting the display to be none if necessary. e.g.



<apex:inputField value="{!myValue}" style="{!IF(showField,'','display:none;'}"/>


 If the field isn't required you may be able to set the field to be hidden clientside and not serverside.




Also look at the force.com Developer Guide pg, 384 has a section called, "conditionally displaying fields".