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moving to and fro between a records detail page and a visualforce page...



I have a requirement which needs the functionality of moving back and forth between a record's detail page


and Visualforce page.


I know we can accomplish it through custom links.


The problem is how would I capture the URL of the detail page which in turn would be the target for the


custom link that I provide in VF page.


Is there any 'method' in the  API or any other ideas how can it be accomplished?


Appreciate your help.


Thanks in advance.

Ron HessRon Hess

the url of the detail page is /recordid



so all your visualforce page needs is the id of the detail page, so on the Detail page you create a custom link that call your visualforce page and passes this info





then the visualforce page can construct the link to go back, which is /detailrecordid


How can I capture the record ID dynamically to send as a query parameter?


Appreciate your help.



Ron HessRon Hess

ApexPages.CurrentPage().getParameters().get() and .put()


you'll want to read up on how to call these in the docs


Use Dynamic Apex yours problem will solve it is a new feature in winter 08 .U need to do some research on that capturing the objects type and object ids dynamically.