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Customer portal and opportunities

Since customer portals doesnt have a opportunity tab and has security to not edit opportuities, how would I let my customer VIEW there opportunities?

Will a VF page work? with restrictions? Would I have to make a VF tab - detail page? But then wat happens to the standard actions(edit, save, canel) and there buttons in a customer portal? disabled? invisible?


I believe you could still allow a Customer Portal User to access opportunities via a VF page. That being said there is no settings on the Customer Portal Users Profile that allows Standard Object Permissions for Opportunities but you can share an Account's Opportunity Access to a Contact on the Account as either Read Only or Read Write. You would probably need to do this first for the Customer Portal User before the VF Opportunity page you create will become visible to that User.

You can share the Opportunity info by selecting the "Sharing" button on the Account Object and then the "Add" button and then select your Contact and then the Access Setting for Opportunity.

If you are just wanting to call in read only information on the VF page then you would just need to start by using the:


<apex:page standardController="Opportunity">

tags and then the output fields you want between those tags. If in testing you notice that the Customer Portal User gets the "Insufficient Privelages" message upon accessing your VF page you may need to build an Apex Class Extension and set the Class as Public Class With Sharing and then your getters to retrieve the information you want.



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I will get on it right away and let you know what happens. Thank you.



I have tha same problem, and I was wondering if the solution worked.




Were you able to make this work?