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regarding arraylist in visualforce page

My list is as follows

List<CAF_Bank__c> BankRecordList=new List<CAF_Bank__c>();
CAF_Bank__c[] records = [SELECT Address_1__c,Address_2__c,    
Area__c,Bank_Name__c,Branch_Name__C,City__c,Country__c,Credit_Limit__c,Fax__C, Branch_Code__c FROM CAF_Bank__c];

for (CAF_Bank__c c :records) {


public CAF_Bank__c[] getBankRecordList() {
return BankRecordList;






Now iam passing this list to my visual forcepage and assigning it to a array andtrying to retrieve each field from the  array  using for loop but iam not able to retrieve it ...as array has multiple fields with n number of values..


 please tell me how to write for loop to retrieve individual fields from the array list in visualforce page..


 var myArray2= new Array();
           myArray2 = '{!BankRecordList}';

var i=0;
           for ( i=0; i< myArray2.length; i++)
                  if(myArray2[i].Branch_Code__c == bc)<! Branch_Code__c is a custom  field)-->
                alert('its coming');
                 var x =myArray2[i].Bank_Name__c;
                   alert ('iam here');
                          var x =myArray2[i].Bank_Name__c; <!--  Bank_Name__c    is a custom field -->                        document.getElementById('{!$Component.form1.iField}').value=x;

                        alert('code working');
                         return false;



here this line is not working    if(myArray2[i].Branch_Code__c == bc)


So plz give me a example in retrieving the field vallues fro the array...   


It looks to me like you are attempting to assign an Apex arrayList to a JavaScript array, and that won't work.  You'll need to manually traverse the records in the arrayList and build the JavaScript array from them.


Off the top of my head, I reckon you'll need to do something like the following:



var myArray2= new Array(); var idx=0; <apex:repeat value="{!BankRecordList}" var="bankRecord"> myArray2[idx]=new Object(); myArray2[idx].Branch_Code__c='{!bankRecord.Branch_Code__c}'; <!-- repeat the above line for all fields --> idx++; </apex:repeat>