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Developer account still not Visualforce enabled after attending Webinar today... Help?

I still don't have this enabled.
They mentioned that it may take a few hours before this feature is enabled. My guess is to wait it out.

Also, have you checked your Personal Information in Setup to see if maybe Apex Pages Editor Mode is disabled (it is by default, I believe)? If this option is not present, then your account has not been updated yet.

You will also see a Pages option under Setup > App Setup > Build when VF has been enabled for your account.
Last I was told it would be 60 minutes. Guess I'll wait longer. I have neither of those options you spoke of yet.
Tran ManTran Man
Can you send me your developer edition username?

Tran ManTran Man
The vast majority of logins that had requested access (including all webinar attendees) should have access.  A few, however, could not be processed.  If yours is one of these, either try self-enabling via this link (use the shortcut option) or send me your Developer Edition username.