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Visualforce and Apex code solution required



Not sure the best way to go about this all ideas welcome.


I have a custom object called contact roles, it allows more functionality than the standard object.


The custom contact role object allows me to link a contact to an account.


On the account page I want to create a visual force page that brings back all the linked contacts and all of the accounts they are linked to.


For example I have Joe Bloggs who is linked to ABC company and XYZ company.  When I go onto ABC company I see a button called contact roles.  This would open a visual force page show Joe Bloggs associated to ABC company and it also needs to show what other companies such as XYS he is linked to.


Thanks in advance 


This is the simple solution for the issue.


Build a custom visualforce page  with standard controller Accounts, on the page pass an Account ID using merge variables and javascript callout.


Then using the Account Object you can query the contacts and also Accounts.


Do you need a developer to code this for you?


Let me know,


Siddhesh Kabe,



Thanks for the information, I am not sure how merge variables work.


Could you provide some sample code to get me started?


Anything you can do would be much appreciated.


Thanks in advance



Pleas drop an email to discuss the solution for your requirements.