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Child custom object field not available for Roll-Up in master standard object, Opportunity

Hello All,


I am not able to figure why a field in Child object is not available for roll ups in master object?


I have formula field in Child Object, Product Bundle. I want to roll this field in Master Object, Opportunity.

In Opportunity I select new field type roll-up, sum,  the drop down for selecting the fields is grayed out!!


I can the see the values of Product Bundle Child object in the Opportunity related section, so that is working fine.

I am just not able to figure why is this happening??


The reason why I want this is: I want (Sum of Amount for individual line items) + (Sum of Amount of Product Bundle) in Opportunity.


Thanks for the time..


From the online help:


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Long text area, multi-select picklist, Description, system fields like Last Activity, cross-object formula fields, and lookup fields (such as theProduct Code field) cannot be used in the field column of roll-up summary filters.


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Is your formula field cross object?


Yes, the formula field in child object is referring to other object.

I thought the same, and created a new simple field, currency and was not able to see that in master object for roll-up too??


My concern is to roll-up the cross object formula field, SF does not provide any other work around??

thanks for the time ..