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How do you deploy a custom list button?

I have a custom list button that invokes a VF page.  This bascially allows user to start something from an object's Activity History related list.  I wonder how I can deploy it properly.  There isn't anything to select for List Buttons in either IDE or SFMT tools.  I don't want to deploy the whole Task object.  I tried just deploying the layout using the button.  The button did seem to cross over, but its URL all screwed up.  I did see "Buttons and Links" in Change Set, but that's a less preferrable approach since it's a beta feature and less automatable.  Any suggestions?


Hey there,


If you're trying to put the button on a standard view page, just add a custom button with the link:  /apex/(Visualforce Page Here) and then add it to your layout, unless I'm not completely understanding the question.


Edit: Since it's from an activity history related list, add it as a List Button in the Create -> Object page.  Then follow the instructions above.




I know how to add the button.  My question is I got that part all done in a sandbox, how do I deploy it to production without using Change Set?  I just didn't see an option in IDE or SFMT to specify a single custom button.


I think I found it.  In the Add/Remove Component screen, go to objects - standard -> Task (or any object you need) -> weblink.