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Visualforce - apex:pageMessages area chagnes quotes to html entity

In my apex:pageMessages section, if an error message (from a Validation Rule) is displayed, it changes the quotes to their HTML entity, i.e. instead of ", it displays as "


Is there a way to prevent this from happening?

Bhawani SharmaBhawani Sharma

add escape="false" attribute in you <apex:pageMessages tag.  like:

<apex:pageMessagesescape="false" />


I actually tried that, but it didn't help.




I notice this bug occaisionally. I say its a bug because it occurs frequently but not always..and I'm sure I've fixed it by chaing my page structure (without changing the controller or VF elements). 


This person's  blog post shows one way to recreate the error - but in my case I've seen the 'escape="false" switch fail because of the overall HTML sctructure of the page. I haven't nailed it down but it definately happens when I have complex nesting (evil tables!) ...could be some invalid html structure causing the rendering to break? Not sure yet.


Did you have any luck?