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Wizard for Opportunity page

Hi all


On the opportunity page, if a button is clicked a wizard pops up. It should contain some opportunity fields and the values for those fields are entered and they are saved using a save button on wizard. Then the values should be saved and displayed back in the opportunity page layout. How can I achieve this? If any body worked on such scenario and if they post sample code that would be great. Thanks!!!





Just to clarify, on your visualforce page do you want to insert the values or pass it on to Opportunity Edit Page? In this scenario it is easy, all you have to do is pass the values in URL parameter, like name='Someting'&Accountid='Somrthing'


this works beautifully for the standard fields, in case of custom fields, the name of the values are different, you will have to view source and check the ids of the fields on the page. Also the values of lookup are different.

You get two fields one with fieldname and another fieldname_lkup. Please check exact values in view source next to the input field.


Now, the other scenario if you do insert the data in first page, it is auto populated in all the opportunity page. You don't worry about anything.