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Missing dependent object: Field: Lead.Jigsaw

After salesforce.com made their last update (about 2 weeks ago) one of my custom visualforce pages returns an error.  No line numbers or debugging information in the log.


Visualforce Error Help for this Page  The configuration of your org has changed, please reload the page. Missing dependent object: Field: Lead.Jigsaw 


The error occurs when I click a command button.  To try to isolate the problem I commented out the code behind the button so it does nothing and I still receive the error.  I also know that the controller construction is not working with leads in any way.  All it is doing is get a few parameters.  Also note that I did not enable Jigsaw in my org.


Any ideas?


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Did you log a case for this? If not, please do so.




I am also getting same error in my visualforce page after clicking on command Button. Did you get any solution for this??


Any help in this??




SFDC AdvisorSFDC Advisor

Yes.  The last couple of updates have revealed a bug in salesforce.com that they will not acknowledge as a bug.  The work around is to update the api version of your apex classes to the most recent api version.  


Go to setup -> develop -> apex classes


Click the edit link next to the apex class and change the api version.  The current version is 23.0.


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Susan LevineSusan Levine

Michael,we’d be happy to address this, but we need more information. Please file a case with as much information as you can, and post the number here, we’ll pick it up from there.