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whats the trick to getting custom pages in the visualforce page content dropdown?

ive had success a few times in creating pages and controllers so that their name showed up in the visualforce content dropdown

but this last time, im just not sure why i can use the following for a list button, but nothing else


<apex:page standardcontroller="[controller a]" recordSetVar="[vf name]" tabstyle="[tab name]" extensions="[custom controller">

public class [custom controller] {

    public [custom controller](ApexPages.StandardSetController controller){

when i go to [controller a] object and try to create a custom button, i can only create a list button. but i want to override a page to this visualforce page, namely the view url. however the visualforce content dropdown box is empty


how do you get that content dropdown to populate?

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You've set the recordSetVar attribute which makes your Standard Controller a Standard List Controller, meaning that it takes a list of objects instead of just one object. That means you can only use it to override the list view. If you want to use it for the edit or detail view, those can only take one object, so you need to remove your recordSetVar.