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Softphone not creating call logs when a screen pop is used.

We are populating a VF page by editing the Softphone layout and were expecting the call logs will be generated once the call ends automatically as a part of standard feature of spoftphone...


Activity logs are getting created if we are not using screen pop ( VF page ) rather service cloud console.. with standard record layout. but not when screen pop VF page is used.


Kindly help..



This is the standard feature of the salesforce creating the log a call. If you are pop a VF page it means you are overriding the standard feature. If you want to create a log a call though your pop (VF page) then you will have create the custom code that create Log a call.


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That's what my question is how to get the call related details like Call duration/Calltype on Visualforce page.


though i can create activities but need Call duration/Calltype etc values from softphone , let me know if you have the information how to fetch that information on VF page - from Softphone.

Chris WoodwardChris Woodward
Hi Nikhil,

One way to do this is with the help of a 3rd party solution like Tenfold. It is a CTI that integrates Salesforce with phone systems.

With Tenfold, all your calls (inbound or outbound) will be automatically captured and synced in Salesforce because of its automatic call logging feature. It works best with its floating UI (screen pop) feature that shows relevant prospect/customer information with each call.

Tenfold's other features are click-to-dial, a call analytics dashboard, easy task creation, and more. To know more about how Tenfold integrates Salesforce with phone systems, check this link: