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Amol DixitAmol Dixit 

Recover Deleted VF page



I have created an Application with VF Pages.  But unfortunatey one of Vf page got deleted. So is there any way to recover my deleted VF page???



Thank you!


Amol Dixit


nope once that is deleted it won't exist no where with in the instance....if you have a local copy then only u can revert the same......


You may be able to recover via customer support.  I'm not certain of that.


Tip:  Every so often, use the Metadata API to download your org's source and related metadata.  Reference and tutorial links:




Using Force.com with Subversion for Team Development



Source Code Control in Force.com Using Git


Tejpal KumawatTejpal Kumawat

You may be able to recover via customer support. otherwise there are No way to recover VF page.