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Richie DRichie D 

Images in PDFs broken in Summer '12



Anybody else having problems with images in summer '12?

Our sandbox has been updated and pdf generation now gives an error 'PDF generation failed. Check the page markup is valid.'


Test example below gives same issue. Any ideas?


<apex:page renderas="pdf">
  This is your new Page
  <img src="http://www.developerforce.com/assets/images/discussions/banner.gif"></img>

 A case has been logged -but just wondering if there is a quick fix.








Don't have a fix but I'm seeing the same thing - but intermittently it works.  I'd be interested to hear back on your case - or send me your case number and I'll reference it when I submit mine.




it isn't just images, stylesheets don't crash the page but they don't seem to actually apply their styles to the page either


something is awry with PDFs


I have a case that is currently escalated to R&D---reference #07570728


I am having the same issue,


very fustrating, hopefully they get a patch out for this ASAP.

Abhay AroraAbhay Arora

Hello All,

 This one seems to be a common issue with the new release .Salesforce support is working on this issue i have got simillar issue in simillar thread and they are looking into it now