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James L.James L. 

Standard SFDC styles reference documents


Any where to find Standard SFDC styles reference documents.

I can only find some orginal CSS file like dStandard.css.


like in case below 


 I don't know which standard SFDC style to apply to it to make it look better.



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There used to be a wiki page on developerforce about this, but its now redirecting to a UI page that doesn't go into CSS specifics. It isn't recommended to use the salesforce styles as they are subject to change/removal etc without notice.


This page has some information : http://wiki.developerforce.com/page/Stylesheets_and_S-Controls_Best_Practice_Guide#Salesforce.com_Style_Sheets


Aside from that though, I tend to use chrome's inspector to find a similar style and scrape that.