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Abhijeet Purohit01Abhijeet Purohit01 

Changing field type from master-detail to lookup

How to change an existing field's type from Master-Detail relationship type to Look-up relationship type?


I am unable to change the datatype of the field.


Or do I need to create a new field of look-up relationship type and delete the existing field of master-detail relationship type?



Can anyone help?





Follow this link




If you unable to find the solution


Then you can use Dataloder Export all data ,

Then Delete master and set as look-up then you can insert the data...




After you have created a roll-up summary field on an object, you cannot convert the object's master-detail relationship into a lookup relationship. Or else if there is no roll up summery field or any apex code is related to that, then  Go to Field. Edit -> Change Data Type - > Select Lookup Relationship.




Kapil GoutamKapil Goutam

beofre converting the master detail to lookup you also need to delete the existing data, after that salesforce allow you to change the type.


ian b goodeian b goode

Not true, there is no need to delete data. You may be getting confused with changing from lookup to master-detail where you must populate that field for every record before you can cahnge th efield type.