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e-mail template with attachment renderas PDF

Hi ,


i'm having a realy hard time finalising my e-mail templates.


the e-mail is very basic, only text, thanks & regards and the attachment.


<messaging:attachment renderAs="pdf" filename="{!relatedTo.name}">   


and then i created my personnal pdf document in which i brought all costumer and opportunity fields i wanted to, except ONE type of field.


Rich text fields and whatever i try nothing works, here is my code ; 


<apex:outputText rendered="{!not isblank(relatedto.description__c)}"> <h2>Meal Description</h2> <h9><apex:outputText value="{!relatedto.description__c}" /></h9> </apex:outputText>


Message is always the same ; Invalid field description__c for SObject Opportunity.


i've tryied  with <apexoutputlabel... and outputText escape="false" ....


i hope someone can help me.


Thank you for your time.