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Problem accessing managed object inside of customer portal


We recently build a small portal page for a client that displays some record data out of an object that is part of a third party managed package. 


When testing in the sandbox environment, all of the data is visible and accessible. In production, despite pouring over the permissions settings and verifying both in the profile setup page and portal health checker that the object has create/edit/delete permission and the proper fields are enabled in the field-level permissions, the portal user is still not able to see any data.


We've also verified that the fields we need are visible in the standard layout and that the tab is enabled.


Does anyone else have any other suggestions as to what may be overriding the permissions on this object? 




 Most of the time this type problems happens with permissions only.


  1. are you created VF page? are you given permissions to access that vf  page?

  2. are created any list views for partner portal? are you giveb premission to access list views?

  3. please check all permissions one more time.