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How to include New Meeting Request standard button in visualforce page ?

There is a standard button "New Meeting Request" in Calendar related list of Home page.

I want to display this button in my visualforce page.


From view source of home page I got this html tag for this button


<input value="New Meeting Request"  class="btn" name="newproposemeeting" onclick="navigateToUrl('javascript&colon;void(SchedulingProposeMeeting.openAskForMeetingDialog('/scheduling/createMeeting.apexp?onHome=true', false, 877));',null,'newproposemeeting');" title="New Meeting Request" type="button" />


But it is not working in visualforce page. On clicking this button it is not opening Meeting Request modal dialog. Nothing happens on click.


Can you please suggest a solution ?





I wouldn't expect that to work as it will rely on javascript that won't be present in your Visualforce page.


The way I'd approach this is to get the URL of the target page and see if you can make this the target page for your button.

If the button is clicked it goes to modal window. Page url https://na9.salesforce.com/home/home.jsp?remains the same.
Raghu NaniRaghu Nani
hi friends,
I also need same functionality in vf page can u please suggest that solution....