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How to get at the onclick event of a custom console component's button.

Hi there,


I have added a custom console component to our Service Cloud console but what I'm trying to do is that when I click on the button to launch the component, I want to run a method in my controller that my visualforce page is calling. This component is made up of page that provides a quick view into our support team's cases queue, and a controller with methods that rerun the query to get a realtime view of the cases in the queue.


My question is, how do I get at the onclick event for this button? I have searched around for answers but so far I have been unable to find any. My goal is to use this console component as a quick view into our support teams cases queue so that wherever they are in the console (in a case, contact, organisation record, etc..) when they click on this component it will automatically refresh the view of the support cases that I'm displaying in this component.


So far I have only been able to get as far as adding some output text to my page and firing this refresh using the onlclick and onmouseover event. This isn't ideal for our team's requirements so ideally when they click on this component I would like to be able to fire the refresh then?


Any ideas on this please?


All help is greatly appreciated as always!


Thanks so much in advance to anyone taking the time to read this and offer assistance.


Kindest Regards,



Hi Brian,

Do you ahve any information on this?