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Authenticated Sites Page

I want to have a series of unauthenticated visualforce pages that are displayed via sites, but at a certain point, I want the user to login and authenticate to go any further.


When I setup a sites page how do I link to another visualforce page without it being routed to the standard customer portal login? I have created a custom login, but when I change the "Authorization required" page in the sites layout, it still goes to the generic customer portal login.


Any help would be appreciated!


HI ,


Add your visual force pages to perticular profile and test it.


Let me know in case of any issues.


So, from the sites page I am linking to a visualforce page that lives in the customer portal. When I click on it (as a guest) I am automatically routed to the out of the box login for the portal. I have created a custom login page, but cannot figure out how to automatically route to that page when the user is not signed in. Does that make sense?


Does it require me to put "render" conditions for every visual force page? For example if profile=guest render the login page but if profile=x then render the normal page? or is there an easy way to just have it go to my custom login page automatically if they are not logged in?