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Calculate the discount price upon entring discount% in pageblock table

I  have a vf page that displays the list of products, When the user enters the discount in the input text the salesprice should be calculated and auto populated in the next column of the same row. I am calling a javascript function upon the event of onchange on discount field  to calculate salesprice but I am  not sure how to update the salesprice column on the  pageblock table.


Also I am not able to read the values of the discount entered : alert(document.getElementById(discPcrnt).value);  --->also does not give the value of the discount entered it says unavailable.


Below is the js:


function CalculateSP(discount,stdPrice,prodSalesPrice){
         alert("In Calculate Sp");
       var standardPrice= document.getElementById('stdPrice').value;
         alert("IN TEST");
       var  discount=document.getElementById(discPcrnt).value;
        var discPrice = stdPrice*discount/100 ;
        document.getElementById(prodSalesPrice).value=stdPrice - discPrice ;


My VF Page partly:


<apex:column headervalue="Standard Price" id="stdPrice">
                <apex:outputtext value="{!products1.stdPrice}"/>
                  <apex:column headervalue="quantity"  id="prodQuantity">
               <apex:inputtext value="{!products1.quantity}"/>
                 <apex:column headervalue="Discount %"  id="discPcrnt">
               <apex:inputtext value="{!products1.discount}" onchange="CalculateSP('{!$Component.discPcrnt}','{!$Component.stdPrice}'),'{!$Component.prodSalesPrice}';" />
            <apex:column headervalue="Sales Price" id="prodSalesPrice">
            <apex:outputtext value=??????>


Any help is greatly appreciated.



ForceMantis (Amit Jain)ForceMantis (Amit Jain)
Getting elements in pageblock table is tricky as even if you set ids there are multiple rows so each row has different id.

You can try using jQuery that has some nice selectors. You can use this to refere current element. Go to its parent <td> and search next <td> and then locate your price element.

you will use parent(), next(), child() function, full details you can find in jquery documentation.