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Marcio Zima.ax1538Marcio Zima.ax1538 

Chart - Attribute colorSet not working in the animation



I have a Visualforce Chart that is with the following tag:


<apex:barSeries gutter="80" colorSet="red, yellow" title="Test1, Test2" stacked="false" orientation="vertical" axis="right" xField="name" yField="millionsRegion,targetRegionM">


The color of the bars is working well when I first load the visualforce page, but when I click to hide some data it is changing the color to the standard color of chart (blue and green).


Anyone ever had this problem?





Hi Marcio,


The issue you have reported seems similar to the known issue we have reported on our site:



Kindly check and confirm its the same..



Marcio Zima.ax1538Marcio Zima.ax1538

It's the same issue. So I will await for the workaround when its available. Thanks