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Dreamweaver / Eclipse / Force.com Sites



So have been using sf.com for a long time as an admin.  Also am a web developer using HTML, Flash and Javascript.  Tend to use Dreamweaver (DW) as our company uses CS3 products.  Started to use Eclipse to create more complex solutions using VF and APEX.


Want to build a site using sf.com sites.  Is there an easy was to develop in DW and upload / check-in.  Have used the force.com IDE in Eclipse which works wells.  Guess I could use the Eclipse Web Dev tools but would prefer DW.


I guess I am looking for and IDE or a method to easily push sites to and from DW.






For your project, are you able to export HTML and CSS directly from dreamweaver? If so, you could just copy and paste that code into a visualforce page using the Force.com IDE.


Unfortunately I don't think there is an integrated solution with Dreamweaver and the force.com IDE.


Thanks Ryan,


I have been using this method, creating in Dreamweaver, uploading static resources and creating VF pages and copying in the code.


Would be great to have a push and pull mechanism.


Thanks again