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Force.com Sites - authenticate non-portal users?

I have been able to prototype out authenticating a user from a Force.com Site to the associated customer portal. And I was able to navigate the user to a custom Visualforce landing page after login. That worked well and as expected.

My question is this: is it possible to authenticate a non-portal user from a Force.com Site? I see in the provided Site templates the SiteLoginController apex class which uses the Site.login() method to authenticate the portal user. But can I pass in a non-portal user into that method?

Or if I want to login a non-portal user (Platform license, for example), should I just re-use the www.salesforce.com/login.jsp form post from the Force.com Site login page and then do the redirect in the form post?

Any insight is appreciated.


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Andrew, currently Force.com Sites provides authentication for portal users. This might a good ideaexchange posting to see if others would like to have this feature or not.
You can use salesforce.com login as you described. However, after login you won't be able to keep your custom domain name or your force.com domain name.