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Dovid BDovid B 

multiple custom web addresses

We wanted to launch our new site today and were able to CNAME www.asc-net.com to asc-net.force.com and set www.asc-net.com in the Sites Details custom web address and all works fine.


The problem is we also need asc-net.com (without the www) to point to the homepage (as of now it points nowhere) and also asci.asc-net.com and *.asc-net.com


Iniitially we CNAMEs pointing all of them to asc-net.force.com but only the www version worked since that is what is in the custom web address field. The others sent to the SFDC login page. So then we tried change the CNAME so asci.asc-net.com and asc-net.com would point to www.asc-net.com but that also didn't work. We also tried CNAME forwarding and that did not work.


We had to roll back to the old site until this is resolved. But in the meantime we have set up sf1.asc-net.com which points to asc-net.force.com (and works) and sf2.asc-net.com which points to sf1.asc-net.com (which takes you to the login page) to use for troubleshooting this issue.


Anyone know how to fix this?


A big thanks in advance.




You'll need to use a forwarder to send 301 or 302 requests from asc-net.com to www.asc-net.com. Many DNS providers (like Godaddy) provide this service for free.