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How to deploy my Sites..where i want to deploy......

How to deploy my Sites..where i want to deploy......


Then what is the use of Site force and ISV force in force.com........


I have go through....In force.com.....siteforce home page shows only what is Siteforce and etc., only.....from where we go to next step.....either go to develop sites or anyother tools are available for creating siteforce separately.......


Also what is the use of ISV force...In that they said, fastest way to bring commercial applications to market.......Then what is the use of APPExchange.....why this much confusions........No continuity is there....My suggestion is It is very hard to understand for beginners.....


please clear my doubts.....After I create my site in developer Edition..how to give that site to others use.....Simply I give my site url is enough?.....

Ankit AroraAnkit Arora

You can not deploy sites. You have to create one on client org and configure it manually like its on your org.



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Ankit AroraAnkit Arora

Also having duplicate post regarding your queries :





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1) So I cannot deploy site alone....It should be packeged and deployed to AppExchange with the Salesforce Organisation....is it correct?


2) can I access Accounts object from my site....That is, I want to create the following in my Site.


Textbox for Account name, ID Number

Submit button


If i click on Submit from my site, A new Account will be created in salesforce Organisation Accounts Object with Account name, ID Number(I given in site).


Is it possible...if possible how to do this....

Ankit AroraAnkit Arora

1) Sites are not get packaged, you have to do post config steps(Configuring Site) after the package gets installed.


2) Yes you can create Account from site :



  • Create a visualforce page / controller which will show the desired/required fields.
  • Give access of page/class to guest user profile (Setup > App Setup > Develop > Site > Click on Site Label > Edit Site Visualforce page and give access).



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1) Finally, If i developed my site, then, How to give that site to others use.(other Organisation).....Give url of the site is enough...(or) Shall  i want to deploy with my Force.com Application.....(or)  Configure site means hoe to do that......



2) Thank You...Ok I will create a Visual force page and give access to user profile......Now My doubt is, if i create a site with Access of Visual force page.....Then give my site url to others(those are not having any idea or account in Salesforce).......Can those person access Accounts of my Force.com organisation from the Site itself(url I given to him).......is it possible.......


Actually both the questions are having same aim, that is


Shall I use my site with my Salesforce organisation(site integrated with organisation) or can i use site independently(including Accounts object access, customer portal, etc.,)


sites concept in SFDC is same as websites created using PHP and HTML.


we develop our own VF pages . no need to configure DB since SF will take care of that. Next, when u create a site, there u will see  button named "Public Accessbility Settings" in detail page of the Site. IN that u can change the secuirty levels and access levels like u cahnge profile values.


for ur first question,


anyway other organization has to have SFDC account since they have to se the data . so u ahve to develop and give those pages,triggers and classes as a package or separately  to other organization.

 for example, iam selling mobile phones. i need a  website.


first case )  i ahve to take SFDC account and hire developers and develop sites and when the suers register and login, my devlopers and administators will taks care of that.


second )  I go to solution providers and ask them to develop everything according to my requirements and get them from them and take SFDCa ccount and appoint ur staff and get the control of everything.


3)  the providers only will take care of everything.



but third option is not possible, bcoz my company data should not be visible and the users registering and selling details should not be exposed to outsiders


i hope this helps u regarding the concept of sites


Hi Ram,


Site will not be given to the clients. This site has to be configured in the client Org, as you have created in your Org.


The contents (Apex classes and VF pages) of the Site has to be deployed in to the Client organization either by packaging or by migrating.


First the contents has to be deployed then the Site configuration has to be done.


So client will have their own URL for accessing the site and can configure the access settings as per their requirement and Site Functionality.