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How to create a Customer Portal

How to create a Customer Portal (or) login option for a site.........Plz provide clear procedure to do this....



Also I want to create Sign up option for New Users....how to do this.......


In force.com they said, add visual force pages to sites, I have created custom visual force page and add it in the site using visual force page Related list in the Site.....Then how to move from one page to another page in site.....can i give Hyperlink to visualforce page.........


please help.........


For naviagting from one page to other you can simply use the Apex:Commandlink and call the following function on link:


//-- This method Will Redirect the User to the page new
    public Pagereference Cancel()
        Pagereference pageNew;
            pageNew= new Pagereference(Site.getPrefix()+ '/NewPage');
        return pageNew;


SIte.Prefix() : This will help in case where you have multiple sites created