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Syndication SOQL Character Limit too Small

The SOQL query limit for the Syndication feature is too small.


At first it might seem like 256 characters is plenty, but if you start having to throw in prefixs and suffixes at the end of every object and field for managed package objects, it quickly gets out of hand especially if your referencing parent objects and have a failry complex where clauses.


The situation I have is a managed package with an object that has a many to many relationship to another object implemented through a junction object. I want to generate a feed from the junction object since it has access to all the fields I need to filter with and and the field I need to display. As it stands I can get a maximum of 2 fields and 1 where clause squeezed in. So my feed right now is a title and a link to more details.


If I could set the namespace and drop the __r's and __c's it would help a lot or at least don't count them towards the character limit

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Alternatively, you can build unauthenticated web services, that return data in xml feed format.
- Apex class must be enabled through security profile
- Use Generate WSDL button on Apex class page to get the WSDL
- Replace the nax.salesforce.com URL with your Sites url in the WSDL
you need to be careful on how many rows you are returning with this method.