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I'm not able to get all information from data base



I have a new custom object, and I would like to include also chatter.


The chatter consist of Post's by the users and Post's by the system(like "Peter: Created this New record"). Post's by the user are implemented successfully but the issue is with System Generated Post's


We are trying to implement the 'System Generated Messages' for the chatter. But for the system generated posts 'feedPostId' and the 'Body' fields are null in the web response.


We are using the following query for fetching the post's


"SELECT Type, CreatedById, ParentId, Id, FeedPost.Body, FeedPostId, CreatedDate, (Select CreatedById, CreatedDate, FeedItemId, CommentBody From FeedComments ORDER BY CreatedDate) FROM myObject__Feed WHERE  ParentId = :parentId ORDER BY CreatedDate DESC LIMIT 50"


If I run the query without the Where clause, I can see that some other records has the FeedPost.Body filled.


Has anybody and idea about why some records has no information?


Many thanks in advance

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A college gave me the solution.


All the empty lines had TrackedChange as Type, so these lines are posted in another object, FeedTrackedChange which a child of my theObject__Feed.


The solution is just add a sub query to my query.