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ForcecodeForcecode Sites and licensed managed package in LMA

We have managed package with User Licenses (no Site License) which are managed using LMA.


I always get Authorization Required when I want to access one of the objects in our managed package.


Is it possible to assign a User License to the Guest/Public user or do we have to switch the license

for the package from User to Site License ?



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it's not possible to assign a use license to the guest user.

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it's not possible to assign a use license to the guest user.
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Ok, thanks for the answer. It works when we change to Site License.


Instead of selling an additional user license for Sites, we now

have no control over the licenses anymore.


Would be great if this will be changed.




Please vote for this idea

Message Edited by Forcecode on 08-10-2009 02:13 AM

All sites of our product customers stopped working the moment we began using the LMA tool :-(


I would suggest to


a) add some documentation to warn ISV partners about this behaviour


b) I would recommend to fix this NOT by allowing LMA to assign a separate license to the site guest user. I'd rather follow the behaviour of SFA, i.e. let the Public Access Settings of a Site determine which custom objects the site guest user can access and how. This screen already suggests that it would be possible to allow access to objects within a managed package, it simply does not behave as displayed.


Is there any way of solving this other than waiting for enough votes? In our world as ISVs, this is not a feature request but rather a bug which prevents us from deploying Sites with our product.


Any ideas how to accelerate this?


Best regards,



This definitely needs to be fixed. I would take being able to assign licenses to guest users over what's there now or the solution mwenglein mentioned.




Although I agree that assigning licenses to one or more guest users would be a straightforward solution, I am not happy about the commercial implication of this. Sites should come free with any EE org. Having to apply a dedicated license to the guest user would make the customer (or the ISV) pay twice...


Scott: are there other advantages of the guest user option which I am missing?





No I don't think there are any advantages to having to apply a dedicated license to the guest user, I agree with you that Sites should just automatically have access to our package.


A better solution might be to have check box in the license manager that enables packages for all guest users. I can't think of a case where you wouldn't want your package to be acessible by guest users but I'm sure there might be one.


I guess I was trying to say that being able to assign a license to a guest user would be better than a site wide license since we could give out extra licenses for the guest users when they were needed at no extra cost, it's a terrible solution but better than nothing at all :) 




I just read my first post again and realized that it sounds like I would take assigning to guest users over Mike's solution, which is completely the opposite of what I meant. What I meant was I would take either of those solutions over what's there now. With Mike's being the best option :)


Sorry for the confusion,





No worries :-)


I guess we will all be happy when this eventually gets fixed - whatever way...


If an ISV distributes a Managed Package with Licenses (LMA) and the app leverages Sites, you must assign a license to each Site in order for it to function.

To assign a license to the Site user is very hidden:
For each Site, you go to the Setup -> Develop -> Sites -> click on Site title hyperlink -> Public Access Settings – View Users -> Drilldown on User name -> Click Assign License and add the proper App License to that user. Again, this needs to be done in each Site.

I found this information here:

Also, if a customer portal user needs access to any aspect of a managed package/custom application, they too must have a license granted.


I guess that could be managable. It's still really bad. We have to provide licenses for every portal user and every site. How is this going to work with self registration? If someone registers somebody has to go in and manually assign a license?