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Storage Question

Hi Friends,


I have enterprise org and the scenario is as follows:-


On the customer portal,I have a link when I click on the link it takes me to another online tool(Which is basically a site).On this site, customer can search for information and then he can save that infromation in the form of file or some report.My task is to save that information in salesforce in the form of PDF.


My question is that if we keep saving information in salesforce in the form of PDF file for so many customers.Won't that exceed data storage limit,at some point of time, in salesforce.


Using data storage as an example, an Enterprise Edition organization with 600 users would receive 12,000

MB (12 GB) of data storage, because 20 MB per user multiplied by 600 users is 12,000 MB


If anybody can advice me on that.What I am thinking make sense or not?.





First, please stop duplicating the same post across boards (http://boards.developerforce.com/t5/General-Development/Storage-related-question/td-p/415985).


SF do have data limitations based on the number of user licenses per edition. But ASAIK there shouldn't be any problem with the data limits. Every record created in SF do consume 2kb of space. At some point you would definitely reach your data limit for the org. You can buy additional storatge from SF or you can buy data storage from 3rd party vendor and perform an integration between the database and your org. Its up to the organization to decide what to store and what not to store in SF.