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Sites Service Request Limits

I was working in a developer org in the wee hours this morning and noticed that Salesforce servers were running unusually slow ... I had work to finish, so I kept plugging away, periodically refreshing a Sites page I was working, checking my progress.


Around 1:00 am my page disappeared and was replaced with an error message:  "Limit Exceed"


Apparently, the Site in my developer org has a 10 minute "Service Request Limit".  That doesn't sound so bad, right?  Assuming it only takes a fraction of a second to serve up a page.  So how is it possible for one user, freshing a single page every few minutes, to exceed the daily service request limit in one hour?


I found this explaination for the limit on the SF developer site:


"“Service request time” is calculated as the total server time in minutes required to generate pages for the site."


If I understand this correctly, Salesforce tallies the time spend serving up pages, regardless of how slow their servers are.  The more load on the system, the faster our service request limits are reached, and the more likely it is SF will shut down our Force.com sites.


And to make matters worse - when you hit the limit, your business application is shut down for the rest of the day.  Good luck trying to get ahold of someone in support to up your limit, or buy more minutes.  Response time on customer support is often several days.


I'm not sure how we can build enterprise-class solutions on a platform that is designed to self-destruct.


Am I missing something here?


- Ron




For production organizations, you get 360 minutes, which is quite a bit more. You also have the ability to cache pages at the edge of the network in production organizations which isn't possible in developer organizations.


You can also do a lot of your testing using apex/visualforce when logged into the app as the org admin, which doesn't count against your site request time.