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Unable to publish Site.com sites

Hi All,


I'm unable to publish Site.com sites that I created while working on "Site.com Workbook".


I have 'Site.com Publisher User' permissions but the 'Publish Changes' button is not visible in my overview tab.


Is there some thing that I'm missing.


Thanks in Advance,



You need to add you as a user for each site with the publisher role; You do that in Site configuration > Manage User Role


Thanks for your reply. 


The user that I'm using has the Publisher role.

global Publisher permission and publisher role for the particular site?

Yes. (I'm using Developer Edition)


I am facing the same issue. I have the site checkboxes clicked on my admin user profile and this is the only user who created site. I am in a developer org (free edition for infinite days) Was there any solution found finally?
Lee MbuguaLee Mbugua
Organizations using Performance, Unlimited, or Enterprise Editions must purchase Site.com Publisher and Site.com Contributor feature licenses separately. Additionally, a Site.com Published Site license is required for each site that’s published to the Internet. For information on purchasing Site.com licenses, contact salesforce.com.
Developer Edition organizations contain two Site.com Publisher feature licenses and one Site.com Contributor feature license. Developer Edition organizations can’t publish sites.