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Yuri LausbergYuri Lausberg 

Dynamically generated Sitemap.xml ?

Hi All,


Does Site.com support a way to dynamically generate a public accessible sitemap.xml file based on the sitemap you have created with site.com studio? If so, how?


Ideally it should be following the sitemaps.xml standard (http://www.sitemaps.org/protocol.html)


Or must we build one manually instead?

Any help and insight is greatly appreciated.


Thank you,


Yuri Lausberg



There is currently no way to generate one dynamically.

Edwin VijayEdwin Vijay
This seems to be old post, but as per the latest docs https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=networks_seo.htm&type=0&language=en_US&release=206.17 a sitemap is automatically generated . However, i could not get this feature to work in our sandbox environment. It works in our production environment though