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Workflow to send an email alert using article.

Hi All



I am trying to send an email alert thru work flow . I need to send the article link in the work flow.


email alert workflow that emails the owner of the Article ,2 weeks prior to archive date. The owner of the document should be notified the document will archive with a link to the article in the SFDC Article Management tab.


Kindly help






You can do this through the workflow. Well your email template should contain link value like this:


<a href="https://www.yahoo.com">click here</a>


Now first make the rule criteria like this (Don’t forget to select every time record is created or edit and did not matched the previous rule criteria while creating the rule “First option wit radio button”).


Archivedate__c != null


Archievedate__c is that custom field from which 2 weeks prior to archivedate__c  you want an email should be sent. Add time trigger as per your requirement. Now select workflow action as New email Alert and attached that template with above format for url link.


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