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Using my own APEX class API in a java stub

All -


I have developed my own APEX Class API and I have also created a jar file for this API.


Now, I am having difficulties going about using this jar file in a java stub.


Can you point to any snippets of code that I can look into.


My specific problem is that my Apex class has only one method say MethodM. This works great in the SOAP UI tool when I use the WSDL.


But in the jar file I generated I see an <MethodM>_element.class, <MethodM>Response_element.class and various other classes.


The salesforceenterprise.jar file has its own set of methods of which I know I have to use the "login" method to get the session ID.


So, I am looking for a good tutorial or something that walks through this stuff for a beginner to make the java stub work.