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Not getting any notifications


I'm having the dullest problem possible.
I believe everything is set up correctly.
I use Developer's SFDC account, Streaming API is enabled (I verified checkbox is on) , I believe I'm on API version 23 (this what generated Enterprise API says).

I have set up the simplest  PushTopic from examples - AllAccounts("Select Id, Name from Account").

The Pushtopic is visible in Workbench.

My problem is that on create/update to Accounts I do not get any notification messages. Nothing at all
I tried Workbench, Apex Page and Java. No errors and no notifications.

See below Java output as example.



Running streaming client example....
Login successful!
Endpoint: https://na9-api.salesforce.com
Waiting for handshake
[CHANNEL:META_HANDSHAKE]: {"id":"1","minimumVersion":"1.0","supportedConnectionTypes":["long-polling"],"successful":true,"channel":"/meta/handshake","clientId":"21sasoutiukcud14fab90nt0gou","version":"1.0"}
[CHANNEL:META_CONNECT]: {"id":"2","successful":true,"advice":{"interval":0,"reconnect":"retry","timeout":110000},"channel":"/meta/connect"}
Subscribing for channel: /topic/AllAccounts
Waiting for streamed data from your organization ...
[CHANNEL:META_SUBSCRIBE]: {"id":"4","subscription":"/topic/AllAccounts","successful":true,"channel":"/meta/subscribe"}
....[CHANNEL:META_CONNECT]: {"id":"3","successful":true,"channel":"/meta/connect"}


 What am I missing?


Can you provide login access? Thanks!


Sent login credentials by private message


Seems to be working fine now. Please let us know if the problem persist. Apologies for the inconvenience.





Hii ,


I am facing the same problem.I have created the pushtopic(AccountStreaming) ,created TestStreamingAPI page .But i am not able to receive any notifications on create/update of account records.


I think every org was upgraded in Spring 12.. the pushtopic name must be /topic/..... to get events. 


so for you, /topic/AccountStreaming