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Command Button not able to submit Apex:form from sites

Hi All,


I am calling the apex method, through action using command button. 


Apex method reads value from the apex:form and updates the record. Now there are two behaviour which are troubling me :


1). When I am placing command button within the same form, method is invoked only when I am running the page inside salesforce org but not from the sites.


2). If I am placing it outside the apex:form within other apex:form tag, the method gets invoked from the sites as well, but now we are not able to read the updated field values from the form.


Please help me how to overcome this problem, its urgent.


Any help would be aprreciated.


Thanks in Advance.


With Regards

Palak Agarwal



Hey Palak,


You might have to check profile permission of Site User.


You have to follow this path, Setup--> Develop--> Sites-->Site Label--> Public Access Settings


Hope this helps :)