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How to authenticate Share Point from an Apex trigger



I am trying to do an integration with Share Point from an apex trigger.


I have a Web Service on Share Point I can call with a callout from the trigger using HTTPRequest.


The main issue is, how do I authenticate the Share Point user in order to make this call?


Does anyone have experience with authenticating a user on another domain from SF?






What kind of authentication mechanism you have on share point side ? Like Basic Auth, OAuth etc ..


If its simple Basic Auth, you can set the username and password in the header and call the request.

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It is the basic Auth.


This is the code I've been using:




Http http = new Http();

HttpRequest loginRequest = new HttpRequest();

loginRequest.setEndpoint(' Share Point URL');

String username = 'domain' + '\\' + 'user';
String password = 'password';

Blob headerValue = Blob.valueOf(username + ':' + password);
String authorizationHeader = 'BASIC ' +
loginRequest.setHeader('Authorization', authorizationHeader);

HttpResponse res1 = http.send(loginRequest);




Can you please see if I did something wrong?