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Integration and Portal

Hi Friends,

We have customer portal and tab on the customer portal is made accessible to the outside public.So when customer clicks on the tab then user information is passed to the web service on the company's server running behind the firewall.

Everythjing has been programmed like this.

Visual force page on the portal runs function in the class which runs on the salesforce server.Now this class sends information to the web service on the server.

Since firewall was creating problem so we got salesforce IP addresses added on the server so that salesforce can access that web service.However,we still have issues

Now my question

Since customer accessing this webservice is a portal customer and I know that customer portal are assigned portal profile to the customer.Is there anything I need to do to the customer portal or after adding Ip addresses on the server I do not have to do anything to the customer portal profile.

Can somebody throw some light on this?



What is the problem you are facing ?