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gautam maheshwarigautam maheshwari 

lookup field on visual flow

Hi All,


I am new to visual flow and thought of using flows instead of visual force wizard.


My requirement is:-


I have a detail custom object "partners" to opportunity(master) and users generally create partners from this related list on opportunity. I want to override the create partner button using a flow.

Steps or screens i want when user click on create partners are:-

1>search the partners from Account (filter condition: type=partner) like a filter based lookup field and click next.Please note that there are around 2000 partner accounts.

2>couple of checkbox fields of partner object as radio button and click next

3>text and picklist fields of partner object and click next.

4>this screen opens the partner record in edit mode with fields populated from values entered in previous 3 screens.Here the user wants to add some more details and save the partner record.


Please let me know if my requirment is feasible and let me know the approach if it possible. Thanks in advance.


This sounds like it would be better served through Visualforce, Step 4 cannot be done in Visual Workflow. Running a Flow within a VF page might be an option.

gautam maheshwarigautam maheshwari

Thanks .I am going with VF page wizard for this.


Step 4 is trivial in Flow. You do need to have a VF page with a flow embedded in it and here is a snippet.


This assumes that you have a variable called vaAccountID in a flow with input/output type set to "Output only"


<apex:page controller="MyFlowController">

<flow:interview name="MyFlow" interview="{!aFlow}" rerender="showDetail"/>

<apex:detail id="showDetail" subject="{!recordID}" relatedlist="false">



Your controller is something like this:

public class myFlowController {


public Flow.Interview.MyFlow aFlow {get; set;}


public String getrecordID() {

 if (aFlow==null) return null;

else return aFlow.vaAccountID;